A unique way to display your wedding flowers and show off your new last name. 

Approximate Dimmensions: 4.5" tall width is different depending on letter.  

Due to the small dimensions of the ring holder, I recommend that you get this with another item so that you can preserve more of your bouquet. 

Artwork images are for example purposes only.

Each floral artwork is custom designed.

You are responsible for shipping flowers via overnight delivery service. I am also able to meet if you are in the Houston area.

Only smaller pieces of your bouquet will be able to be used for this piece due to its size.

Initial Block

  • - STEP 1: Place your order for whichever floral piece you want. If you want something more customized, please message me. You will receive the shipping address with instructions to ship after the transaction is complete.

    - STEP 2: Ship your flowers no more than 4 days after your wedding. I recommend overnight or 2 day shipping. Usually USPS 2 day shipping works if you want to save on cost. Please keep in mind that some flowers that are more delicate simply do not travel well and I cannot guarantee the freshness of your flowers during the shipping process. I will work with your flowers in whatever condition they come in.

    - STEP 3: I start my preservation process and turn your wedding flowers into floral art in 4-6 weeks! 

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