Turn your wedding bouquet into something beautifully designed and unique! The Gold Handle Floral Tray has been a popular choice for many brides that want to showcase their wedding flowers in style. Please keep in mind that if your flowers are too bulky, there might be some areas that will be more 3D to show off the flowers more.


Approximate Dimensions:12" x 12”


Floral Amount Used: Entire Bouquet.

For bouquets with Proteas, we are unable to preserve them in this style due to the bulky nature of the flower. The only way to do this is to break the flower apart and display it on the tray artistically. We recommend the 10x10 square block or rectangular block for that.


Total Preservation Time: 8-12 weeks


Display Tray

Add Flakes
  • STEP 1:

    Place your order for whichever floral piece you want. If you want something more customized, please message me. You will receive the shipping address with instructions to ship after the transaction is complete.

    STEP 2:

    Ship your flowers ASAP after your wedding. I recommend overnight or 2 day shipping. Usually USPS 2 day shipping works if you want to save on cost. Please keep in mind that some flowers that are more delicate simply do not travel well and I cannot guarantee the freshness of your flowers during the shipping process. I will work with your flowers in whatever condition they come in. 



    I can still work with them! You can just ship your flowers using ground shipping. 

    STEP 3:

    I start my preservation process and turn your wedding flowers into floral art in 8-12 weeks! 

  • Each unique piece is one of a kind and due to the handmade nature of all our pieces, please expect minor air bubbles or tiny holes, especially on the bottom of the pieces. Transparent spots on flowers will also occur sometimes, especially in lighter colored flowers. These are all a common occurrence and is just in the nature of working with resin. They will not affect the flowers since they are dehydrated and specially pretreated. If the flowers are too bulky for the floral piece, sometimes the flowers will peak out from the front or back of the piece and give a more 3D look. There are times when we will have to cut the back of the flowers slightly to ensure the flowers to fit in the mold.