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How to order...

Please visit our "shop" tab to see our preservation styles and pricing. You’ll also be able to place your order through that page.

After you place your order, you’ll receive 3 separate emails:

order confirmation, shipping instructions and customer agreement form. 


We highly recommend overnight shipping your wedding bouquet. Our customers are responsible for mailing their flowers to us, we do not provide a shipping label.


Our production time is approximately 6 months


Shop now!

Shop now!

  • How does the process work?
    1. Select the pieces you want and place your order through our website 2. Drop off or mail your flowers 3. Let us work our magic 4. Receive your beautiful new keepsakes in 14-16 weeks
  • Do you work with flowers that are already dried?
    Yes, we can use pieces from your original dried bouquet. We also have a bouquet recreation option available if you want us to match your flowers to your original bouquet.
  • How long does it take to preserve my flowers?
    Our production time is approximately 6 months. This may vary for larger orders and during the wedding and holiday season.
  • When do I need to send you my flowers?
    ASAP! We are out of the office on Fridays - Sundays, so please make sure they arrive on a day that does not fall on those days. If your wedding is on the weekend, please overnight your flowers on Monday.
  • How do I ship my flowers to you?
    After you place your order, you will receive a separate email with detailed shipping instructions so you know how to pack and ship your flowers.
  • Can you guarantee to use every flower I send you?
    No, we do not guarantee that we will use every single flower. We will try our best to but some flowers do not dry or travel well.
  • Can I get my extra flowers back?
    Unfortunately due to our order volume, we only dry the amount of flowers needed so we are not able to send back extra flowers.
  • Do you currently have availability to preserve my flowers?
    Yes! We do not have a reservation requirement and are available to take your flowers any time. There is no need to contact us ahead of time, simply place your order through our website.
  • My wedding was last week can I still get them preserved?
    As long as the flowers are not moldy, still in tact and not falling apart then we can still work with them.
  • Where are you located?
    Our office address is: 5870 SH-6 N Suite 307 Houston, TX 77084
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