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Gift for Couples

Find a Great Gift for Couples

Anyone searching for an excellent gift for couples who are about to be married can count on Bloomsake to provide them with a beautiful art piece that is crafted from the flowers featured in the ceremony. The couple can select the work that suits their tastes and fill out the order form with custom touches noted. The customer or couple can then send the flowers with express shipping for the best results and limited damage, so the finished product has the best outcome. Within 4 to 6 weeks, the finished art pieces are shipped out to the customer so that they can enjoy them for many years. Reach out to us today to learn more or visit the website for additional details and FAQs.

People who are interested in floral preservation gift ideas will love the options we provide at Bloomsake. We are a floral preservation company that takes the wedding bouquet or flowers from the ceremony and incorporates them into a stunning art piece that can be proudly displayed or passed down to future generations. Each option is posted to the website along with details about the process. The customer selects the options they want and includes and requests custom details to make the finished product more personalized. Once the selection has been completed and the order received, the customer must use express shipping that takes approximately two days to get the best results and avoid damage to the flowers. Once the flowers are received, we begin working on the art sculpture featuring the flowers. It takes 4 to 6 weeks to ship the finished product to the client, but it will provide them with joy for a lifetime. Let us help preserve precious wedding memories with an incredible art piece that preserves flowers to perfection.

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