Frequently asked questions

✿ How does this whole process work?

-Place your order for whichever floral piece you want. If you want something more customized, please email me and I’d love to work with you. - I will reach out via email with the shipping address and instructions after the transaction is complete.

- Send me your flowers. I recommend overnight or 2 day shipping. Usually USPS 2 day shipping works if you want to save on cost. Please keep in mind that some flowers simply do not travel well and I cannot guarantee the freshness of your flowers during the shipping process. I will work with your flowers in whatever condition they come in.

- I will start my floral preservation process and dry your flowers, then I will arrange them and set them in resin. -Production time takes 4-6 weeks depending on flowers and pieces. -Once your artwork is completely dry, your new wedding keepsake will come home to you.

✿ What is the timeframe of getting my flowers preserved?

This depends on what type of flowers are used and also the size of the artwork. Typically 8-12 weeks or less for smaller pieces and 12-20 weeks for bigger pieces.

✿ When do I need to send in my flowers by?

ASAP, the earlier the better!
If your wedding is on a Saturday and you want to ship through USPS and have to wait until Monday, you can put your flowers in a vase with water and in the fridge to keep it more fresh. You can also let your flowers air dry if you want, it is different from my drying process but it works to. If you are sending flowers that are already dry, you can just send them through ground shipping.

✿ My wedding has already passed but I have my dried bouquet, can I still get my flowers preserved?

Yes, you can. I can use pieces from your original dried bouquet if you have kept it. Dried flowers are beautiful to work with as well. I also work with my local florist to do bouquet recreations if you do not have yours saved.

✿ Can you use my dry flowers from my wedding years ago?

YES! You can just order whichever preservation style you want and send your flowers through ground shipping.

✿ Can you guarantee to use every flower I send you?

No, I do not guarantee that I use every single flower. I will try my best to but some flowers do not travel well and get ruined before they can get to me.